Malevolent Grrl <3 (ex_morti396) wrote in boob_art,
Malevolent Grrl <3

I'm new to the community, wanted to say "Hi" the 'right' way *evil grin* I have more, I'll post tomorrow.
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ahh did that tattoo hurt??
It's marker darlin' ;] I would imagine it wouldn't hurt though.
oops I suck, but thanks for sharing
Tattoo's there don't really hurt! I have one... sorry just thought I'd share.
That's marker doll. So naturally, it was painless.

I plan on getting them tattooed at some point, I have "unlimited tats" for the time being. I am just a picky bish and don't want shitty work.
oh I read the comment you wrote about it being marker... I was commenting in response to the other persons comment about it hurting! :)